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Sustainable E-Commerce Certificate by the Green Dot

Dottee emerged as a digital solution, assessing the ecological footprint of e-commerce businesses

In partnership with The Green Dot, we embarked on a journey to address a pressing need in the e-commerce landscape - the verification of sustainability practices.

Dottee emerged as a digital solution, assessing the ecological footprint of e-commerce businesses and issuing trusted sustainability certificates, backed by The Green Dot. From inception to full rollout, we worked tirelessly to create a reliable and impactful tool that benefits businesses and promotes genuine sustainability, all while avoiding greenwashing. This project signifies our dedication to a greener future, one certification at a time.

Digital Sustainability Matters

  • Environmental Impact Digital technologies, while convenient, contribute to electronic waste and increased energy consumption in data centers.
  • Resource Depletion The production of electronic devices relies on scarce resources, leading to resource depletion.
  • Carbon Footprint Data centers and digital infrastructure account for a significant portion of global carbon emissions.

How to Drive Digital Sustainability

  • Reduce E-Waste Extend the life of your devices, recycle old electronics, and choose sustainable brands.
  • Energy Efficiency Opt for energy-efficient devices and data centers. Turn off or unplug devices when not in use.
  • Green Hosting Choose web hosting providers that use renewable energy sources.
  • Sustainable Design Prioritize eco-friendly design in digital products and services, focusing on efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Data Management Implement efficient data storage and management practices to reduce server loads.
  • Education Promote digital sustainability awareness and education within your organization and among users.
  • Advocacy Support policies and initiatives that promote digital sustainability and hold tech companies accountable for their environmental impact.

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