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Product Vision & Roadmap: We guide you home

The challenge, approach & impact created

Over three months, we collaborated with a cross-functional ImmoSout24 Team led by the Finance division: the diverse team included Product Managers, Researchers, UX Designers, Developers, and Marketing Managers.

Our mission was to revolutionize the homebuying journey, addressing key areas:

  • Understanding consumer challenges and needs in property search, financing, and living.
  • Analyzing how different parties collaborate to serve consumers.
  • Identifying opportunities to add value and streamline the complex homebuying process.
  • Aligning innovations with the strategic goal of evolving into a market network.
  • Creating a product discovery learning blueprint for team development.

Business Challenges

With this initiative ImmoScout24 aimed to tackle several significant challenges:

  • Multiple stakeholders in the real estate journey were working in silos, leading to inefficiencies, intransparency and inflated consumer costs.
  • The real estate industry's resistance to change and innovation.
  • German consumers' perception of home buying as a complicated, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Business Goals

The project focused on achieving several strategic goals:

  • Facilitating digital transformation for banks to enhance speed, reduce paperwork, and simplify processes.
  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences while managing costs effectively.
  • Ensuring seamless transition phases for consumers, from search to financing to living, enhancing engagement and data quality.

Our Approach

Our process and approach was divided into four phases:

  1. Strategic Frame: Framing the product discovery challenge strategically.
  2. User Research: Conducting explorative interviews to uncover unmet needs and build empathy with users and stakeholders.
  3. Product Vision & Value Proposition: Creating an inspirational product vision and value proposition collaboratively.
  4. Product Discovery: Executing four Design Sprints to develop, test, and validate our value proposition with the diverse user groups, leading to a future ready product roadmap and backlog.


The collaborative efforts resulted in significant achievements:

  • Integration of internal knowledge with external inspiration and expertise.
  • A learning journey for the team, embedding new skills and establishing a consumer-centric innovation blueprint.
  • Development of four successful product prototypes, along with a comprehensive product roadmap and backlog.
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