Qualitative Research Project for AOK and Rhino Innovation Hub

Business Strategy

Our qualitative research with AOK and Rhino's Innovation Hub explored the motivations and challenges of 'Digital Lifestylers' and 'Fighters' within the health insurance context.

Through in-depth interviews with 'Digital Lifestylers' and 'Fighters,' we uncovered the underlying motivations, needs, and challenges that influence their insurance decisions, enabling AOK Rheinland to craft more tailored and effective communication strategies for its diverse clientele.

The qualitative research project conducted in collaboration with AOK and their Innovation Hub, Rhino, aimed to achieve the following objectives

  • Understanding Personas' Motives, Needs, and Fears: Explore the underlying motives, needs, and fears that shape the lifestyle of the personas.
  • Persona-Specific Customer Journey Mapping: Describe the customer journey of the health insurance personas in a persona-specific manner.
  • Identifying Drivers and Barriers to Churn: Identify the factors that drive or hinder potential customers from terminating their insurance policies.
  • Evaluating Communication Initiatives: Assess how communication initiatives are perceived, their relevance, and the extent to which they resonate with the target audience.
  • Persona-Specific Optimization Measures: Determine persona-specific optimization measures for communication initiatives.

The research methodology involved

  • Sample Size: A total of 20 in-depth interviews, consisting of 10 interviews with the "Fighter" persona and 10 with the "Digital Lifestyler" persona.
  • Duration: Each interview lasted approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Location/Period: The interviews were conducted at the phaydon Studio in Cologne.

This qualitative research project sought to gain valuable insights into the motivations, behaviors, and experiences of these personas within the context of health insurance, ultimately aiding AOK Rheinland in better serving its diverse customer base

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