Interim Expert Roles in Global Marketing

Expert Ecosystem

Transforming Marketing Leadership and Team Collaboration

Our approach and impact created
Within the Marketing organization's redesign process, innovative roles like the 'Global Brand Experience Director' were created and introduced.
To execute their visionary organizational shift, Fjällräven faced the pressing need to fill these new roles on an interim basis. In partnership with Riverflex, Futureneers supported Fjällräven in this exciting process:

  • Pioneering Interim Roles: Futureneers played a pivotal role by pionoeering and filling crucial, newly created positions such as the 'Global Creative Content Director' and 'Global Brand Experience Director' on an interim basis.
  • Empowering Brand Transformation: Within these roles, Futureneers led the onboarding, recruitment, and guidance of newly established Creative and Brand Experience teams. Together, we meticulously crafted strategies, set brand directions, and executed innovative, memorable brand experiences.
Impact that was created by the interim roles staffed by Futureneers:

  • Bridging the Digital Frontier: In the interim roles, Futureneers became integral in propelling Fjällräven towards becoming a user-centric, digitally focused omnichannel business. By identifying target users and their needs, as well as uncovering market opportunities, we worked closely with Fjällräven's Marketing leadership to ensure marketing initiatives aligned with people's outdoor passions and nature-inspired values.
  • Marketing Transformation: We contributed to the development of a holistic and innovative brand marketing strategy and took charge of the media strategy, both for global and local marketing efforts. Collaborating closely with commercial and product leadership, we established a novel, integrated global brand planning process.
  • Digital Transformation: Our partnership with the eCommerce department yielded cutting-edge digital products and campaigns, along with the creation of a global design system that set new standards for excellence.

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