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Developing profound understanding of Fjällräven's Target Audience

The challenge, approach and impact created

In Fjällräven's journey toward a more user-centric approach within its Marketing team, a pivotal challenge emerged:

It was imperative to ensure that every team member possessed a profound understanding of the motivations, needs, barriers, drivers, and expectations of outdoor enthusiasts across key markets such as Sweden, the US and Germany.

Within the scope of leading the Brand Experience team in the interim, Futureneers set up and led a significant qualitative research piece:

  • Comprehensive Qualitative Research: The research spanned key markets, including North America, Germany, and Sweden. The primary objective was to inspire and empower not only the marketing team but also other brand teams to connect with real people when conceiving activations, communication, products, and services.
  • Uncovering Deeper Motivations: By delving into the profound motivations and needs of consumers regarding their relationship with nature and the outdoors, we aimed to fortify the brand's positioning and craft captivating narratives that deeply resonated with an outdoor loving audience.

With the qualitative research initiative the following outcomes were realised:

  • Personas of Nature Enthusiasts: Building upon insights unearthed in the qualitative research, we crafted a compelling set of 8 personas. These personas painted a vivid picture of diverse outdoor enthusiasts, each with their unique characteristics, motivations, and preferences.
  • Guiding Brand Experiences: These qualitative personas served as creative inspiration for the Fjällräven Marketing team. They were intended to be used as guiding lights for designing bespoke brand experiences, formulating targeted marketing campaigns, and developing service and content ideas that authentically addressed the diverse needs of our audience.
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