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Transforming Marketing for Experience driven Digital First Success

The challenge, approach & impact created

Fjällräven's Marketing department faced a critical challenge. It needed to review it’s set up and structure to support the creation of modern, digital-first global brand experiences and campaigns.

Additionally, it lacked integrated processes for effective collaboration with other business functions like Product Development, Retail, and eCommerce.

Our approach included the following parts amongst others:

  • Co-Creation Workshops: We initiated a series of dynamic workshops, bringing together key stakeholders from various teams. Together, we co-created and prototyped a modern, integrated organizational framework.
  • Agile Organization Design: Leveraging our expertise in agile organization design, we facilitated discussions and ideation sessions. These fostered creativity, efficiency, and cross-functional collaboration.
  • User-Centered Approach: Our approach combined strategic thinking, data analysis, and a user-centered perspective. The result was a future-proof structure aligned with Fjällräven's vision and objectives.

This organizational re-design provided Fjällräven with the blueprint of a structure and alignment needed to create contemporary, digital-first global brand experiences and campaigns.

It bridged the gap between Marketing and other business functions, allowing for seamless collaboration and positioning Fjällräven for sustained success, and delivered the following results:

  • Global Marketing Hubs: The outcome was a modern organizational model with global Marketing hubs in key markets such as Sweden, Germany, and the US.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: This model not only fostered collaboration but also empowered cross-functional ways of working.
  • Holistic Agile Approach: It promoted a holistic, agile approach to marketing and digital initiatives, aligning Fjällräven for success in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Strategic Roles: Importantly, the model introduced strategically positioned roles with new skillsets to drive positive change. These roles were instrumental in enabling modern, digital, and experience-driven marketing.

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